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The Aisha Pride's Journal
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Date:2002-06-18 13:05
Subject:Prideland Contest!

It won't last long, so try to get some answers quickly!


Good Luck! :)


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Date:2002-04-09 20:19
Mood: nostalgic



:: wipes tear away from eye ::

Beautiful.. so beautiful..

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Date:2002-04-01 21:09
Subject:Some mysteries of the community solved!
Mood: nerdy

Ok, I hope to clear up any confusion about this community.

What can I post here? Pretty much anything. Guild business comes first, but I s'pose this could be a laid-back community for people to just chat, as well. Questions, ideas, rants, and certain advertisements (such as petpages, shops..). You can also introduce yourself if you're a cub. ^.^

How do I join? Neomail meeowmix or email meowsie@quixnet.net. :) Please provide your Neopets username (the one that's in the guild!) and LiveJournal username, and I'll have you added soon.

Some other bits o' info, this isn't an RP community, I've gotten a few people emailing me thinking it was..

If you want to know something I've not covered here, leave a comment :)


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Date:2002-04-01 20:24

Please, sign this petition to help the members of PL stop the persistent hacker for good!


~ Stars in the Skies

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Date:2002-03-31 08:23
Subject:Important Question

Ooops, I am a member! Thank you Meowsie!


Who is this person at PL that keeps posting stupid junk?
It seems to me, that she or he is targetting former UAN people? I don't know. Anyway, whoever it is, has an axe to grind.

I reported the last one, someone else please report the latest one. I'd love to delete these members, actually, I'm gonna ban them, but leave the posts there for the Neopets Team to see.

I'd like to get involved as little as possible in this, as it seems to be a personal issue involving a few of the PL newer members.


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Date:2002-03-24 19:13
Mood: bouncy

Hello! I am the second poster in the pridelands community! Remember that!
Theres no such thing as a dumb question, huh? Well, then why do they always put green stuff on your plate in restaurants
*covers mouth* Juliet!
Okay, sorry. Anyway, what do we do here? Plot evil ways to take over Neopia with aisha gnomes?
Okay, okay! Well, I was wondeing if we could have a guild newsletter? I could
I mean, Cat AND I could send in articles and stuff......or is it too much work? Tell me.
Juliet and Cat

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Date:2002-03-15 16:30
Subject:New community
Mood: giddy

I wrote a long message earlier, but of course, as I was on the last word, my computer froze up. So, I'll make this short.

This is a community for members of The Aisha Pride only.

This is a closed community, if you want to become a member, Neomail me @ meeowmix or email me @ meowmixez@hotmail.com, with your Neopets username (the one that you joined PL in) and your LJ username.

I made this journal so it might be a bit easier to share ideas, ask and answer questions, post announcements, and allk that good stuff. So you can do that, and ::looks around:: ..oh, I don't want to be bossy. Just post what you think is appropriate. Nearly all ideas and questions are, no such thing as a dumb question. :) Edit: Yes, there are dumb questions: Ones that have already been answered in the FAQ! Please, check there before posting any questions here. ~Meowsie

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